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Prepare for Your Visit

It's important to be properly prepared to manage type 1 diabetes before you leave the hospital after a new diagnosis. During your in-patient stay, you should be informed of the basics on treating diabetes. In addition to this information, there are other things you should be aware of. We have compiled this information in this guide.

Tour the Clinic


Our friendly front desk staff will sign you in for your appointment.

Before you Leave Home

In order to save time and make the most out of your trip to the diabetes clinic, it is important that you are prepared for the process. Here are some things you should have in order before you come to the clinic:

1.  Gather the items you may need for your clinic visit.

  • ALL medical devices, including all blood sugar meters, insulin pumps, and CGMs

  • Blood sugar logs

  • Snacks (while our clinic offers emergency fast-acting blood sugar foods, it is better to ensure that your child has a snack available)

  • Small toys, quiet gaming devices, or books to help with waiting time​

2.  Make a list of any questions or concerns you want to address with the doctor.

3.  Make sure you are up-to-date on any forms you have been given.

  • If you are newly diagnosed or it has been a year since you have filled it out, you can download and print out the Diabetes Self-Management Education Yearly Assessment and bring it with you to your visit.

  • For your next visit, you may download and print the Health History Questionnaire ahead of time. Both of these forms are available under Forms & Handouts.

4.  Check your prescriptions and make a note of any that will need refills or expire.


P4 is the closest parking structure to the diabetes clinic. P2 is also nearby, through the Taubman Center. Valet parking is $10.00. For garage parking, the rates for unvalidated tickets are: 

  • Less than 1 hour: Free

  • 1-8 hours: $3.00

  • 8 or more hours, up to 24 hours: $24.00

If you only plan to park for 8 hours or less, you do not need to validate your parking ticket - the parking rate is $3.00 regardless. However, if you plan to park longer than 8 hours, your parking ticket may be validated for a $3.00 daily rate.  Tickets can be validated at any security desk. For more information on parking, check out the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital page.

It can be very difficult to find parking, particularly in the middle of the day, so be sure to leave at least 30 minutes to find a space. It is a good idea to check construction plans that may delay your trip.



When you enter the lobby, hospital security will ask you questions about whether you have been out of the country or if anyone with you has been exposed to an illness. These are precautions intended for everyone's health and well-being. 

Pediatric Diabetes Clinic

To get to the Pediatric Diabetes Clinic, look for the elevators labelled "Clinic Elevators" in the lobby of Mott. Either set of elevators will take you to the clinic, but the clinic elevators will save you time. Take the elevators to the 8th floor and follow the signs. If you are having trouble finding the diabetes clinic, there are employees posted at help desks who can assist you.​​​ 

Your Appointment

Your visit to the clinic is an extensive medical check-in that covers many aspects of living with diabetes. You may see any of these providers at your visit.

1.  Check in at the front desk.

  • Complete any paperwork or hand in Forms & Handouts you have downloaded and completed

2.  Visit with the Medical Assistant at the vitals station.

  • Measure blood glucose and hemoglobin A1C

  • Review medications

  • Measure height & weight, heart rate, and blood pressure

3.  Visit with Certified Diabetes Educator.

  • Review diabetes goals

  • Outline your diabetes care plan going forward

  • Review blood glucose logs

  • Additional support from a registered dietitian available upon request

4.  Visit with Pediatric Endocrinologist.

  • Address any medical concerns or worries

  • Physical exam

  • Discuss the diabetes care plan and make adjustments as necessary

5.  Visit with Clinic Social Worker (available upon request or as needed).

  • Discuss emotional support issues

  • Address issues with school

  • Offer resources such as Children's Special Health Care Services

  • Provide relevant information

6.  Visit with Clinic Psychologist (available upon request or as needed).

  • Provide emotional support

  • Provide information about local mental health resources

  • Address parents' concerns related to school

Ending Your Appointment

At the checkout desk, staff will work with you to schedule your next appointment. Typically, children with diabetes are seen every three months. Because it can be difficult to get an appointment, some patients prefer to schedule their next two appointments with their provider in 3 and 6 months' time.


If you have labs that need to be completed, you may either choose to use the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital lab or you can use a local lab that is more convenient.

Mott Hospital Resources

There is plenty to do at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. Below are some resources to help you explore the hospital.

Things to Do

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital has several play and activity areas for your entertainment while you visit. Below are some activities you can enjoy with your child!

  • Find the fairy doors.  Throughout the hospital, patients and families are able to hunt for hidden fairy doors.  Stop by security to find a list of locations within the hospital grounds.

  • Head to the Patient Family Centered Care (PFCC) room.  This room is open during the day to anyone visiting the hospital for in-patient or out-patient.  Within the room, patients and families will find games, toys, magazines, books, videos and even special events like flower arranging or cookie decorating.  Each month, the PFCC publishes a calendar of events that may be picked up at the front desk.

  • Visit the gift shop.  Located between the PFCC and the cafeteria is a well-stocked store of University of Michigan merchandise, toys, stuffed animals, jewelry and even snacks.  Many of the items are seasonal and depending on the time of year, you can even find one-of-a-kind holiday merchandise.

  • Check out the 8th floor U of M Play Room.  This room is available at select times in the day.  The room includes games, computers, ride-on toys and silly mirrors.  To visit the play room, stop at the security desk on the 8th floor.

  • Play Pokémon Go!  Download the app for free on your iPhone or Android and enjoy 'catching' the virtual monsters.  There are many "Poké-Stops" in and around the outside of the building, which offer in-game supplies to catch 'em all.

  • Sit back and relax!  The hospital has many comfortable and cozy sitting nooks throughout the main floor and within endocrinology to choose from.  Many of our families like to pack a 'Bag of Fun' full of items that are brought to clinic appointments.  Ideas to include are Play-Doh, small stuffed animals, action figures and dolls, iPads, books, coloring books and fidget toys.  Some kids like to practice their skills on knitting, bracelet making, weaving or sewing.  The quiet time is also ideal for catching up and/or getting ahead on homework.

  • Click here for an expanded list of activities around Mott.

  • Click here for activities around the city of Ann Arbor.


Free wi-fi can be accessed anywhere within the Michigan Medicine campus by logging on to 'MGuest-UMHS'. To get access, simply enter a last name, e-mail address, and click 'Accept'. Click 'Continue' to be directed to the Michigan Medicine homepage.

Carousel Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located on the 2nd floor of the hospital, near the Family Center. Magazines, cosmetics, candy, toys, games, books, cards, clothing, flowers, over-the-counter medications and more can be purchased here. Hours of operation are subject to change.

  • Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 4 PM

  • Saturday to Sunday: Closed


The Wayne and Shelley Jones Family Resource Center

Designed by families and health care professionals, the Wayne and Shelly Jones Family Center is a place for inpatients, outpatients and their families to learn, relax and become advocates for their health care. Staff and volunteers provide information, education, support, and help to foster a cooperative relationship between a family and their health care team.

The Family Center offers:

  • A comfortable environment where a family can take a break, relax, and ask questions or directions

  • A consultation room for private conversations, prayer, breast feeding, or solitude

  • Books, magazines, DVDs, games, cards and puzzles for adults, teens and children

  • Educational materials, pamphlets and audio/visual recordings

  • Internet access, printing, fax, phone charging

  • Kitchenette

  • Scheduled classes and tours

  • Special events such as art workshops, science programs, storytelling, and music programs

  • Sibling drop-off program

  • Information about joining the Patient & Family Centered Care Volunteer Program

The Family Center is open 7 days a week, with hours varying. Visitors may not have any precaution restrictions. You can find their website here.


C.S. Mott Children's Hospital offers a variety of dining options for your convenience, in addition to nearby offerings. All food stations within the hospital should have carb counts available for patients and families, upon request. If someone tells you that they do not have this information, please ask for the supervisor. Click here for a more detailed description of available options.

Getting to the Clinic

Below are specific directions on how to get to the clinic, which is located in C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital​.

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