Product Recalls and Safety Information

If there are any diabetes product recalls or safety notices that could affect our patient population, it will be posted below along with any relevant links for further information. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive any safety alerts from our Pediatric Diabetes Team.

Medtronic 600 Series Safety Notice

Medtronic has issued a safety notice for 600 series pumps. There have been issues with the keypad buttons becoming stuck and/or unresponsive. MiniMed Paradigm pumps are NOT affected. The two main scenarios that are occurring:

  1. The buttons are difficult to press down: Basal will continue, but programming bolus or suspending may not work. It will resolve itself in around 30 minutes.

  2. The button is stuck in a pressed position: A “stuck button” alarm will sound after 3 minutes, which may not be able to be cleared.


To resolve the issue or clear the alarm, take off the pump’s battery cap and put it back on. Please contact the Medtronic helpline if you have questions or need assistance at 1-888-204-7616.

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