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Meet the Team

The University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital diabetes program is one of the largest established diabetes programs in Michigan. Our multidisciplinary team evaluates 100-150 newly diagnosed children each year and provides ongoing care and maintenance to more than 1,400 children and adolescents with diabetes. Our team includes physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, and a psychologist.


  • Attending Physicians: Our board-certified pediatric endocrinologists will handle the specifics of your child’s T1D and make adjustments to your care routine at quarterly clinic visits to keep your child healthy and thriving.

  • Fellow Physicians: Our fellow physicians are board-certified pediatricians who are undergoing additional training in pediatric endocrinology.

  • Educators: Our nurses and dietitians make up our educator staff, who are here to help you with day-to-day questions and insulin adjustments. The educators also teach all patient education classes, including Basic Diabetes Education and Insulin Pump Therapy.

  • Social Workers: Our social workers can assist with any issues that affect your child including: family, school, insurance, and mental well-being.

  • Psychologist: Our psychologist provides ongoing support for mental and emotional well-being related to diabetes. 

Meet Blue!

Say hi to our clinic mascot, Blue the Diabetes Monster! Blue was diagnosed with T1D at a young age, and he's still learning new things about the condition every day. Blue says he's about 13 years old in human years. He lives with his parents, his sister Maisie, and their cat, Zipper. Blue loves playing sports and camping, and he's constantly trying new things! 

You may hear some people say that living with diabetes is like living with a monster - we hope that as we help you learn to manage T1D, Blue can show you that "diabetes monsters" don't have to be so scary.

Blue Waving.png
Attending Physicians
Ram Menon, MD, MBBS

Ram Menon, MD, MBBS

David Olson, MD, PhD

David Olson, MD, PhD

Sandberg_Elizabeth 2.jpg

Elizabeth Sandberg, MD

Daniel Shumer, MD

Daniel Shumer, MD

Kanakadurga Singer, MD

Singer, MD


Inas Thomas, MD

Delia Vazquez, MD

Delia Vazquez, MD
Brigid Gregg, MD

Brigid Gregg, MD

Nellie Said

Nellie Hani, MD

MM_HENDRIX-Grace 4x5_2023_9495_edited_ed

Grace Hendrix, MD

Josephine Kasa-Vubu, MD, MS

Josephine Kasa-Vubu, MD, MS

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH

Joyce Lee, MD, MPH

Fellow Physicians

Jacqueline Fisher, MD


Alexander Waselewski, MD


Rebecca Patterson, MD

Outpatient Nurse Educators
Cathy Falvey

Cathy Falvey, RN, CDCES

Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson, RN, CDCES

Robin Edwards

Robin Edwards, RN, CDCES


Christina Finn, RN

Riley Snell

Riley Snell, RN

Inpatient Nurse Educators
Janet Dominowski, RD, CDE

Janet Dominowski, RD, CDCES

Kathryn Glinter - HEADSHOT_edited.jpg

Kathryn Glinter,

Placeholder Headshot.png
Renee Scherer Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Kelly Reumenapp, RN

Renee Scherer, RN

Social Workers
Brittany Carey

Brittany Carey, LMSW

Jacinta Florek

Jacinta Florek, LMSW, MPH


Alexandria Betke, LMSW


Hayley Centola, PhD

Patient / Family Advisor
Amy Ohmer

Amy Ohmer

Associate Director of QI
Ashley Garrity

Ashley Garrity, MPH

Ross_Justine A .jpg

Justine Ross

Development Officer

Jennifer Hurand

Administrative Staff
Kara Mason

Kara Mason

Asset 2.png

Kristi Rieger

Jessica Clayton.jpeg

Jessica Clayton

Research Staff
Emily Dhadphale

Emily Dhadphale, CCRP

Asset 2.png

Sheree Nicholson

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