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Policy Advocacy

Our pediatric diabetes quality improvement program has the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes and quality of life for our patients and families. We also recognize our patients and families have concerns regarding legal policies that affect diabetes management. Here you can find helpful links and petitions relating to your child's diabetes care.

Join ADA to become a Diabetes Advocate


Become a Diabetes Advocate through the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and support policies in Congress, state legislatures, and legal advocacy. The ADA prioritizes accessibility to affordable healthcare, diabetes research and innovation, anti-discrimination policies, health equity, and preventative measures. 


For example, the ADA released a study indicating that people of lower income and older people of color are more likely to lack access to continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), a key device that aids in diabetes management. As a result, the ADA is pushing for increased accessibility for CGMs to support individuals who are disproportionately affected by diabetes. As an ADA advocate, you can support causes like this and promote change in the healthcare world. By signing up, you will receive information and news regarding policies and community events to get involved with advocacy efforts. Also, you will gain access to resources that include information on ADA’s progress in advocating for policies that enhance the lives of everyone with diabetes. Learn more here!

Become a JDRF Advocate


JDRF Advocates use their voices to help build and sustain critical support for T1D research funded by the Federal government by raising awareness among members of Congress of the financial, medical, and emotional costs of living with T1D. By becoming a JDRF Advocate, you have the power to support important policies and programs affecting the lives of people living with diabetes. The JDRF advocacy agenda for 2023 prioritizes accelerating research innovation and supporting accessibility for individuals with diabetes. With those objectives in mind, JDRF advocacy efforts in the U.S. are centered on: 

- Continued federal funding for T1D research

- Regulatory frameworks for innovation in scientific research and therapies

- Accessibility through coverage, affordability, and options for T1D therapies

For instance, the Special Diabetes Program (SDP) is an essential initiative that contributes $150 million each year to support T1D research at the National Institute of Health (NIH). In collaboration with JDRF research efforts, the combined studies of SDP and JDRF are leading to new discoveries and therapies to improve the lives of individuals with diabetes. Supporting SDP will encourage innovative treatments and educational programs to advance diabetes care. Additionally, JDRF’s Coverage2Control campaign advocates for affordability and choice when it comes to T1D therapies. Earlier this year, JDRF’s efforts were successful in making insulin more affordable with the Medicare $35/month cap on insulin prices. However, more needs to be done to ensure affordable insulin for all individuals living with diabetes. 

Join JDRF today to use your voice to improve the quality of life for those affected by T1D – until we find a cure. Learn more here!

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