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Forms & Handouts

Download and fill out important forms and bring them to your clinic visit to save time, or find helpful resources to download or print out here.

New Onset Guide

Our New Onset Guide is packed with all the information you'll need in the days, weeks, and even months following your T1D diagnosis. You'll find most of the handouts listed above inside.

The guide is also available in Arabic and Spanish!

Transfer Patient Resources

If you are new to our care, check out this folder for a collection of handouts and education resources geared towards your needs.

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Diabetes Calculator by Nationwide Children's Hospital

This interactive calculator was designed by Nationwide Children's Hospital to make bolus calculations easier. Customize the chart with your child's information for personalized insulin recommendations. To read the chart, find your child's current blood glucose along the top of the chart and the number of grams of carbs they plan to eat along the left side. The recommended bolus dose will be at the intersection.

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