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School's Out!

As the school year winds to an end, we recommend that our patient families review what has worked well during the year and where you can make room for improvements with your child's teachers and school administration. This is a great way to end the school year on a positive note and set up for success

the following year.

Now is also a good time to go over your 504 plan with your teachers to see if anything needs to be changed. It is also a nice idea to schedule your back-to-school and glucagon training in the fall. Also be sure to collect any medical supplies from your school, coaches, and after-school care for summer.


Check out the School FAQ page for more help and contact us with any questions.

Prepare for Vacation!

Planning a vacation for the summer? Be sure to reach out to the clinic if

you will need travel paperwork.

If you are preparing for a long trip, check out our Travel FAQs as well

as the ADA Air Travel and Diabetes guidelines available under the 

Forms & Handouts page before you take off. As always, contact us

with any questions or concerns as you prepare for a well-earned trip!

Hit the Water!

There's nothing more amazing than jumping in a cold pool or lake on a hot summer day! However, the combination of sun, water, and sweat can cause havoc on your blood sugars if you aren't careful. If the ocean

is calling to you this summer, read up on some great T1D swimming advice below.

  • Come prepared! If you'll be on the beach all day or lounging by the pool, be sure to bring your diabetes supplies in a temperature-controlled container! Keep your supplies somewhere that keeps sand out, like a Ziploc bag or sealable pouch. 

  • Keep an eye on your blood sugar! You should check frequently, especially if you are sweating or doing activities like swimming. Just because you're in the water, doesn't mean you aren't sweating and losing sugar! Swimming can be extra tricky for T1D, and you may have to switch up your insulin doses to account for the activity. Ask your care team for advice and check out our Exercise & T1D page for more info.

  • Stay hydrated! Any time you are in the sun for an extended period, you should be drinking more water to account for the dehydration. Carry a reusable bottle and you'll always be good to go!

  • Keep connected! If you use a CGM or insulin pump, be sure your device is okay to go in the water or on the beach. If they are, be sure you apply extra kinesiology tape (available in sporting goods stores) to keep your sensors and sites intact. 

As always, don't forget the sunscreen!

Summer Tips from Our Care Team

Summer is upon us and we are stoked - say hello to sunshine, vacations, camp, and flip flops! Living with T1D is no easy task, but we’re here to help with making sure you have a healthy and safe summer. Here are some additional tips from our team to keep your summer sugars in range:​

  • If your child is attending summer camp or summer day-care, make sure that your paperwork is complete and ready. If you need a provider to sign off, be sure to reach out to the clinic as soon as possible to avoid delays.

  • Most pump companies can supply patients with a loaner insulin pump for vacation use. Call your pump company to inquire if interested.  

  • Be sure to bring a portable cooler with you in long car trips to keep your insulin at the correct temperature. If it gets too hot, it will stop being effective.

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