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T1D 101


Have you ever needed to explain type one diabetes to a family member, teacher, babysitter, or coach? Have you ever wanted to brush up on some T1D information you learned in our Basic Diabetes Education class? Great news! The T1D 101 education series was designed to teach the basics of everything T1D in quick, easy understand videos.

The T1D 101 curriculum was designed to provide our patients and families with a full diabetes education course that they could use themselves and share with caregivers. We hope the T1D 101 series provides a way for caregivers to learn more about the many things that go into taking care of a child with T1D.


T1D 101 features nine modules that cover monitoring blood glucose, delivering insulin, exercise, sick day management, and more. And for those looking to test their knowledge, each topic in the series has an accompanying quiz.

To explore the T1D 101 content, click here.

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