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Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

If fall for you means warm, delicious drinks to keep toasty, do your research on those amazing pumpkin spice lattes, hot cocoa, apple cider, and peppermint mochas. These drinks are super sweet and delicious, but they also contain loads of sugar and can make your blood sugars jump if you're not careful. Make sure you ask about the nutritional information when ordering a sweet drink (like at Starbucks) and keep your meter or CGM close by. You can also enjoy these sweet beverages to treat a low or share them with a friend!

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Did You Know?

A ‘short’ pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks (with whipped cream) is exactly 27g of carbs. Most customers are not aware of the ‘short’ (8oz) size, but it is an option which can be nice if you're looking for a smaller amount of sugar. Be sure you know your options when you order food or drinks!

Tips for School Snacks & Lunches

As the first day of school is approaching (or already here!), start thinking about fun snack options that can be brought to school. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to make homemade snacks so having some packaged snacks on hand is always a good idea! Also, if there is a time where your child does not want to get a shot of insulin at snack time, these are some great options to try.


Here are some good packaged snack options that you can buy from your local grocery store: 

  • Magic Spoon Cereal – 5g carb per serving

  • Catalina Crunch Snack Mix – 9g carb per serving 

  • Whisps – 1g carb per serving 

  • Skinny Pop – 9g carb per serving 

  • Quest Protein Chips – 5g carb per serving 

  • Highkey Cookies – 12g carb per serving 

  • Cashews – 9g carb per serving 

  • Almonds – 6g carb per serving

  • Meat stick – 1g carb per serving 

  • Cheese stick – 1g carb per serving

Homemade Lunchables
One great way to make lunch fun and balanced for your child is to make homemade lunchables. Lunchables can include many different food options and ingredients depending on what your child likes to eat. This is a great way to customize lunches, make them easy to pack, colorful to look at, and give your child steady energy to get through the second half of their day.

Fruit + Veggies + A dip + Protein source + Fun food = A great lunchable! C
heck out these pairings:

  • Sliced apple + carrots + hummus + cheese stick + a cookie 

  • Grapes + celery + peanut butter + Greek yogurt + pretzels 

  • Clementine + red bell pepper + ranch dressing + beef jerky stick + a piece of chocolate

  • Strawberries + cucumber + hummus + hard-boiled egg + chocolate graham cracker

Tips for School Snacks & Lunches
What if I still want to eat out?

What if I want to eat out?

Fast food and meals from restaurants generally have nutrition information available online. If you cannot find carb information for something, ask the staff of the restaurant if they will supply it for you. The restaurant may not have this information available, so you will have to approximate based on the ingredients.


Calorie King is a useful tool which provides carbohydrate counts from meals at national restaurants. Be sure you read the carbohydrate information and not the calorie count when making your dosage calculations.

After eating out, you may find it helpful to record the number of carbs in the meal by storing the information in a binder or in a note on your cell phone. The next time you eat that meal, determining the carb count and insulin dosage will be much easier.

Can I still eat fast food?

Can I still eat fast food?

Yes, you can have fast food with diabetes. This should be eaten in moderation (for all adults and children, regardless of whether they have diabetes!). Fast food restaurants and large chain restaurants should have their nutrition information available online. If you cannot find carb information for something, ask the staff of the restaurant - they should be able to give it to you. For more information, check out the American Diabetes Association's Fast Food Tips.

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